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RACV Batteries



Batteries can fail at the most inconvenient of times. This is why we offer a mobile battery replacement service 24/7 to your preferred location. Our mobile RACV Patrols can usually get to you within the hour. For a new battery, just call 131111 or if you have any queries or require advice Click Here.

RACV has designed a range of quality batteries for your car, extra heavy duty batteries for your 4WD, marine specific starting and deep cycle batteries for your boat and even personal watercraft batteries. So don't let a flat battery ruin your next holiday, 4WD day trip or day on the water.


Technical battery information

The RACV Batteries range has some distinctive features that provide great benefits to members.


      Features Benefits

Calcium-Calcium technology

With a calcium component in both the positive and negative plates it means there are less gas emissions which allows for the container to be fully sealed. Additionally, the battery does not lose water as quickly as other technology and is therefore less likely to fail under extreme heat.

Maintenance free

No need to worry about topping up the water in the battery.

Up to 36 month nationwide warranty

RACV offer a 36 month warranty on the premium range – that's great peace of mind. RACV also offer a 24 and 12 month warranty on the Extra Heavy Duty & Standard range respectively.

Fully sealed containers

Eliminates accidental acid spillage which can harm motorists, their car and the environment.

Long shelf life

Batteries can be stored for up to 32 weeks.

Magic eye charge indicator

The magic eye tests the specific gravity of one cell which assists in the diagnosis of the state of a fully sealed battery. Therefore, this is a quick reference for motorists to determine if the battery needs charging or replacing.

Expanded grid technology

Grids are made from a controlled rolling system rather than a hot lead mould which ensures a consistent quality. The fine diamond shape mesh construction also improves conductivity.

Fibre reinforced plates

A special fibre tissue is rolled onto the plates at the time of construction which holds active materials in place for greater durability and longer battery life

New design forged terminal

The inner post is welded to the outer post to form the battery terminal. The weld zone is deep which improves the quality and strength of the terminal.

Carry handle

All batteries come with a carry handle for easier and safer handling. The handle folds down after use for easy storage or fitment.