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Quality Tyres


For all your tyre, wheel and servicing needs look no further than South Coast Auto Services.

As a truly independent retailer, we are able to offer genuine variety at the most competitive prices. Our staff has been expertly trained and are enthusiastic people who are committed and passionate about offering the right advice for all you automotive needs. To enquire Click Here.





Ten tips for safe tyres

Don't trust service station tyre gauges, instead buy a simple pencil type gauge.

Check tyre pressures, look for damage and embedded foreign objects every two to three weeks.

Tyre pressures cold should never be below the cars placard specification. Slightly higher pressures are strongly recommended for improved grip, response, economy and life.

Always use valve caps to exclude dust and water.

Rectify the cause of irregular tread wear as soon as possible by consulting an expert. Minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm across the full tread width.

Have wheels balanced and aligned annually.

Puncture seal compounds are for emergencies only, the tyre must be dismantled, cleaned and inspected as soon as possible.

Avoid second hand tyres. Their history is unknown, while imports may not be up to Australia's high standards.

Retreads are for low speed and low load work only, if at all.

Select tyres by seeking advice from South Coast Auto Services. They can assess which attributes of tyres in their range will suit your car, driving style, load ratings etc.